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Our goal is to raise awareness and strengthen Rachel's Law to a national level. 

About the Film



Rachel's Law is a documentary about a 23 year old Florida State University graduate who horrifically lost her life due to a mismanaged justice system. 

Rachel was born and raised in Pinellas County: Dunedin, Clearwater and Safety Harbor, Florida. Her parents, Irv Hoffman and Margie Weiss worked together to cultivate Rachel’s love for family, friends, travel, music, dance, and pets. Rachel attended ballet, piano and flute classes during her formative years while also attending Temple Ahavat Shalom through prekindergarten (including Bat Mitzvah and confirmation) and while at FSU visited annually with Rabbi Klein. 

After graduating from Florida State University in 2007, a double major in criminal justice and psychology, Rachel wanted to study at the Culinary Institute of Arts. On April 22nd, 2007 Rachel was stopped for driving eight miles over the speed limit on FSU campus. The officers found a small baggie of marijuana in her car and arrested her. In an attempt to get the offense off her permanent record, Rachel was committed to a drug diversion program in Leon County. Although she was about to graduate, Rachel was made to stay in Tallahassee in order to complete this year long process. One year later, on April 17th, 2008, Rachel’s apartment was searched by the Tallahassee police department. The officers then told Rachel that these charges would put her in prison for 4 years, unless she agreed to cooperate with “substantial assistance”. Five days later, on April 22nd, 2008, Rachel signed on to become a confidential informant and provide information that would supposedly help get dangerous criminals off the street. 

What the officers asked her to do next was unimaginable! 

After the first attempted buy-bust did not result in an arrest, the law enforcement officials asked Rachel to increase her buy from the same two dealers. The Tallahassee police department gave Rachel $13,000 to purchase 1500 ecstasy pills, 2 ounces of cocaine and a GUN! 

On May 7th 2008 Rachel was murdered during the botched drug bust. She was unaccountable for 36 hours. 

On July 12th, her music community banded together to celebrate Rachel’s life with the Purple Hatter’s Ball, a music festival. Her community of friends gathered in north Florida to mourn her death by sharing in Rachel’s love of music, arts, nature and friendship. Momma Margie released twenty three butterflies with encouraging words of love and safety. Annually for 10 years, Purple Hatter's Ball has evolved into a gathering of music and artistic expressions at the Spirit Of Suwannee Music Park to generate awareness on the importance of educating the public on how to stay safe in choosing to work as a CI: DON’T! Civilians are not trained nor prepared to do police operations! 

Every summer Rachel is remembered by crying out for her legacy to strengthen and institute the Rachel Law as Federal practice in order to prevent the conditions that Rachel’s murder brought to light. In this documentary you will learn what happened to Rachel, where things went wrong, and how Rachel’s family and friends united to change history and create Rachel’s Law. Rachel's Law is the first law in American history to bring awareness regarding the use of confidential informants. The law asks that law enforcement "consider" the maturity and ability of each potential informant, and to be given the right of counsel only upon request. Currently the law does little to hold law enforcement accountable for the countless deaths of CIs. There are provisions that can be added to Rachel's Law in order to protect the safety of those who choose to work with law enforcement and provide confidential information. 

Our goal is to get the word out to strengthen Rachel's Law and make it nationwide! 

Director & Cast


A film by

Mother and Social Leader: Margie Weiss

Director of Purple Hat Productions: Paul Levine

Attorney: Lance Block

Producer: Aubrie Canfield 

Director: Cameron Campbell

Cinematography: Ian Campbell 

Camera Operator: Ryan Sheehy 

Camera Operator: Chase Walks 

Drone Operator: Anthony C. Justice Jr.

Sound: Robin Canfield 

Editor: Becky Yettaw

Editor: Khalil Williams

Editor: Jeremy Hester


Music By:


John Elliott

Coming Soon 2020


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Upcoming Pre-Screenings:

August 29th in Safety Harbor, Florida 7:00 p.m. 

September 21st in Atlanta, Georgia 8:00 p.m. 

Our purpose is to strengthen Rachel's Law through awareness and education. 

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